External Treatment For Acne And Skin Problems.

September 15, 2009

Step By Step Acne

There are a lot of
products on healthyonline that you can use
externally on your skin, so today I thought I would go over
the main ones that I recommend to people who come in with
Acne. As you are probably already aware, if you’ve had a
look at our website, there are so many different
products to choose from – so it’s always good to know what
we have used and what we have had good results

One of the most
important things when you have external acne, is to make sure
that you don’t touch your skin, especially with dirty hands!
It’s very important to keep your hands away from your face. Our
hands carry so many germs on them.  The last thing we want
to be doing is touching our skin (and particularly our face)
when we’ve got dirty hands.

So before you touch
your face, it’s very important to wash your hands really well
with a good antiseptic soap. Beauty therapists are going to
hate me for telling you this, but the fact of the matter is
that most people who have pimples or acne are going to squeeze
them or deal to them in some way. Who wants to walk around with
pussie spots on their face?  If you are going to squeeze
your spots, the very first step, after washing your hands
thoroughly, is to cleanse your skin properly before you touch
those spots.

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Below I will take you
step by step through the different processes I recommend, for
helping to control and hopefully get rid of external
.  You can click on the picture, to find out
more information about the product, at my website


Living Nature’s Purifying
Cleansing Gel

Cleanse Your

My most favourite
product for cleansing your skin properly (particularly if you
have acne prone skin) is the Living Nature Purifying Cleansing
gel. Living Nature is a New Zealand company, located in Keri
Keri, up in the North Island.  I recommend this product to
all people who come into my shop who have acne.   We get
really good results with this.

You use Living
Nature’s Purifying Cleansing Gel
instead of soap. One of
the benefits of this product, is unlike a lot of soaps or
pharmacy face washes for Acne, this product does not strip your
skin of all the oils. You should use Purifying Cleansing Gel as
part of your daily facial cleansing regime (Ideally twice a

How To Use
Nature’s Way Purifying Cleansing Gel:skin-cleanse

Splash some water onto your face.
  • Put a small
    amount of Living Nature Purifying Cleanser onto your
  • Now gently rub this onto your skin
    and gently lather, concentrating particularly on your
    problem areas.
  • Then get
    some warm clean water and splash it on your face to rinse
    off the purifying
  • Get a towel or cloth and gently pat
    your skin dry.

Make sure you don’t rub
your face because that will damage your already delicate
irritated skin.  So once we’ve done this we’ve got nice
cleansed skin and all of that oil and dirt from the day will
have all been cleaned off.


Dr Hauschika Clarifying

Replenish the

After we have cleaned
our skin with the Purifying Cleanser, it would be a good idea
to replenish the moisture levels.  One of my favourite
products for doing this is the toner from Dr Hauschka
Clarifying Toner
, specifically for problem skin.
This product is great because it’s an atomizer so you can spray
it directly onto your face. Unlike a lot of the natural toners
the Dr Hauschka Toner contains alcohol so
this means that it evaporates off your skin rather than many
other natural toners, that just sit on your skin.

Dr Hauschka make this
statement about their toner “The Clarifying Toner completes the
process of oily skin. Clarifying toner assists in normalising
skin function and helps to prevent further skin impurities.” So
after you have cleansed your skin, and patted it dry, apply a
generous spray of Clarifying Toner.  Allow this to dry

This toner also works
well as an after shave.  It would be particularly good for
those men with sensitive skin,  who react to pharmacy
aftershaves.  If this is you, or someone you know,
consider using the Dr Hauschka Clarifying toner and you may
also find that it gives you a far better action.

So now we have cleansed
and toned, the next step is spot application to help dry these
up, fight any bacteria and speed up the healing process.
Our last step will be to help minimise scaring.


100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

Spot treatment for
the faster healing  of Acne.

We all want something
to help those pimples disappear faster, with minimal
scaring.  We recommend a couple of options, to

The first one is
Tea Tree Oil.   I like this
particular one because it’s Organically Grown and
100% Pure Tea Tree Oil. We hear about Tea
tree and also Manuka oil, but when it comes to acne, it is
the Tea Tree Oil to choose, not the Manuka Oil.  Tea
Tree oil is drying (just what you need with a pimple), where
Manuka oil is oily and leaves an oily

I like to classify Tea
Tree Oil as a “first aid kit in a bottle”. It’s the best thing
for pimples because its antiseptic, anti-bacterial and when you
apply it to your pimple, it will fight bacteria in there and
dry the pimple up really quickly.  If you do “deal
to”  your pimple, make sure you apply 100% Tea Tree Oil
directly to the spot.  If you do, when you wake up in the
morning, you will notice quite a difference to that pimple.
Most likely you will find that it’s very dry and that the
infection fighting properties have already started.

It’s really important
when you use Tea Tree Oil (because it’s very
irritating to your skin applied neat), that you apply it
only to the area that you are
wanting to treat. Get a cotton bud and actually put the
cotton bud into the 100% tea tree oil and then apply the
cotton bud directly to the spot. Try not to get it on your
good skin. I know myself that I have really damaged my skin
before by applying large amounts of straight undiluted tea
tree oil onto it,  so do be careful.

Tea Tree Oil is a
product that you do not want to
ingest or eat. You do not want to get it in your mouth, up your
nose or in your eyes – so you have to be very careful when you
apply it to acne or pimples.  A real bonus about this
product is very reasonably priced as it’s only $13.75 for
which is great value, as one bottle will last for a
long time. This particular product also comes with a dropper
and a screw lid. The dropper is inside the package, where the
screw lid is on the bottle. It is
very important that you
always take your dropper off and put
your screw lid back on because Tea Tree Oil is so
photo_of_woman_applying_Tea_Tree_Oil_with_spongecorrosive that after
a while, it will eat through the rubber on the dropper.
Ive had people who after only two weeks of having their
tea tree bottle have bought there bottle in to show me
thinking that there is some problem with it, but really
its just because they have left their dropper on and the
oil has literally eaten into the rubber,  producing a
black goo which really is not very nice at all.

Tea Tree Oil is THE
Ultimate Product for Spot application.

We have other options
as well for spot application, such as the Living Nature “Rescue
Gel”. They have made this specifically for troublesome spots
and they are marketing this for spot application for acne prone
skin. This is great because it has Manuka Oil and Manuka Honey
included in it. It’s also nice and antiseptic.  There is
information that tells us that Manuka Oil is 10 times stronger
then Tea Tree Oil. Now remember that the Manuka Oil is more
oily than the Tea Tree Oil, which is

If using the Living
Natures Rescue Gel, make sure you apply it to cleansed and
ideally toned skin, ideally a couple of times a day.


Mebo Acne Clear

Heal that spot

A product that I
absolutely Love, that is specifically for healing Acne spots
faster, is the Mebo Acne Clear.  Now Mebo products
are very very special and we are very lucky to have these
here in New Zealand. These products use Stem Cell
Regeneration. I found some information about Mebo acne clear
that states why Mebo’s products are so unique and they say
“Mebo’s unique formulations are the only ointments worldwide
that activate stem cell regeneration. Mebo products
accelerate the regeneration of stem cells located in the
bottom or the hair follicle.  These cells are capable
of producing not only the hair shaft but also the daughter
cells that create the dermis and epidermis. Stem Cells can
repair injured and defective skin by restructuring and
regenerating new skin according to the original skins
physiological structure.  This speeds healing as well
as minimising scarring. Research has shown that the healing
process is significantly faster using Mebo
ointments.” acne-blonde1

I  talked to my
daughter about this product, because she has used a few
different products for Acne.  I got her to try the Mebo
Acne Clear to see what she thought of it and she said that it
was very different from the other Acne and skin products she
had previously tried. What it did is when you had a pimple it
helped it to heal very very quickly and even after one
application she noticed a huge change and difference in the
healing of the spot. Plus its working from a Bacterial level as

So Mebo Acne Clear is a wonderful ointment.
Mebo themselves have a whole range of products that have
been extensively researched in hospitals particularly with
burns and the results have been amazing.


Trilogy Rosehip Oil

So we have cleansed,
toned and done some spot application.  My next suggestion
is to help your skin to heal faster.  To help with
this,  we have the excellent Trilogy 100% Organic Roship Oil.
At healthyonline we have seen
fantastic results with people who have used this product.
Ive  had people (particularly Teenagers) with really
bad acne scarring who have come in and after just one month
of using Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil have experienced dramatic
results.  A lot of them have even had particular family
members comment asking them “what are you doing with your
skin? I can’t believe how different it is”  This was
all to do with the Trilogy Rosehip Oil and the healing that
the ingredient Rosehip Oil produces.

These include:
increasing collagen formation, reducing scarring and the
healing of tissue.

In fact there was a
clinical study done on 20 women over 8 weeks using the Trilogy
Certified 100% Rosehip Oil and the results that they found

Improved Skin Moisture by up to
Reduced the signs of wrinkles by up to
Improved Skin Smoothness by up to

I personally had the
opportunity to try Trilogy’s 100% Certified
Oil and I loved it.   I very quickly saw
big improvements in the general condition of my skin. Not only
that though, I also noticed a major decrease in the number of
wrinkles and lines on my face even after just a couple of
applications. The difference was quite surprising to say the

So Trilogy Rosehip Oil is the one I would
choose, to help with the reduction of acne acaring, above
all else.

Of course in my last
video here I talked about the importance of taking a good
nutritional supplement that has some good anti-oxidants
in it.  Zinc and Vitamin
C are very important for
your skin and the prevention of acne. You
really need to ensure that you are getting these nutrients in
your diet everyday, especially if you are someone who has skin
problems. I also talked about the importance of cleansing your
system of toxins and the importance of a good diet and plenty
of water.

Finally I cannot
emphasize enough the importance of keeping your hands away from
your face! Always wash your hands before you touch your
skin.  This is VITAL.  For girls
ALWAYS make sure that you wash your makeup off
very well, every night.  This is vital.  Never go to
bed without first having cleansed your face of the daily grime
and any makeup that may be on there.